Fifth day at KSS

It’s my final day of the first week. On one hand this week has flown by and on the other, I feel like I aged an entire year in barely five days.

Anyhow, I bought the children tangerines and the teachers chocolate. Since we weren’t going to be back for an entire month, I thought it would be nice.Plus our welcome here has been amazing, so I thought it would be kind to say thank you for that. Shrevya and Hekma brought cake since it’s their birthday this weekend. M-C started the day like this: “10tsss, 9tsss,8tsss,7tsss,6tsss,5tsss,4tsss,3tsss,2tsss,1tss, zero, superheroes.” After this they were dead silent. Just like all the days before she did the register. Saying tjedich (kids name). This is Irish for hello (I think). The children got a compliment for not shouting out since it was a mixed register.

Hekma came over telling us that he thought we made subtractions happy –> on the board it was still sad. It was adorable.

I had to check their spelling/writing homework. I ticked it, put a smiley face on it and wrote down a point to work on. Hekma had already ticked his own homework and put a smiley face there. (Clever boy)

This morning Vlad told me a I started to sound Irish.

We did some spelling Aaron was doing great! They all seemed to have a bit of trouble drawing the N, lots of them looked like R. We did a kinderbookenweek swap. ID4 from Mister Adam came to ID2 and we went to Mister Adam. Mr Adam read them his favourite book and M-C did the same.  They loved this swap.

After this, we finished the tye die, every kid got a stick to stir in the bucket. They were all mesmerized in how the dye reacted to their tissue.

After lunch we went to do some more IPC. I was constantly helping everybody and telling kids to sit down. During the day a bell rang 3x after which the KVK song followed. This mend that they had to drop everything and start reading a book.

Around 14:00/ 14:15 we did circle time in which they got to tell what they enjoyed most about it being halfterm. Most said something we did during IPC, which isn’t odd. One of their developmental characteristics was them not caring about past or future. Just the present. After circle time I did my story and handed them the tangerines. These were a huge success. in hindsight I’m glad I chose fruit. Hekma brought a huge chocolate cake and Shrevya party bags with candy. The story went great i read Frog is Frog (kikker is kikker) They loved this and so did  I. I asked them about what we could learn from this .(pedagogically responsible :p) I also told them about the fact this was a Dutch writer ==> They knew this from HCl. Then I read a Dutch kikkerbook. I translated each page. Though, they seemed to understand it before the English translation was given.

During writing I had a bit of trouble remarking them on how to write since:

  1. I was taught in a very different way
  2. I don’t really write like I did in primary school
  3. I’ve had zero info on how to teach writing

It was weird to say goodbye. The kids didn’t seem to understand that I wasn’t coming back for another month. Plus I loved helping them so much that I found it hard to leave.

Overall I think it is save to say that my first week of TP went great!!!


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