First day at KSS 10-10-2016

On Monday the tenth of October, the day was there. My first day at KSS. Going into my first day I felt highly unprepared. Mainly because I’d had two months of college and zero information about how to teach and how to plan a lesson. Luckily during my Teaching Practice weeks, I could stay with my aunt and uncle so the nerves were calmed by the fact that I had family around.

I walked to the school, which was literally a minute from the apartment, and I rang the intercom. I was quickly let in and continued to find my classroom. Here I found a lovely Irish lady who greeted me with such an enthusiasm, that I felt at home within a matter of seconds. Her name was Marie-Claire Kearny and she is the teacher of ID2, who are six years old. Quickly after my entrance three of my classmates had found their way to their classrooms and I was no longer alone. After a quick tour and an introduction to what was ahead of me that week, we went to pick up the kids from the playground.

The bell rang and the kids quickly went to stand in line according to class. I was shocked, that never happened at my primary school! The kids went to the class and hung up their coat. I introduced myself and then it was already time to go to an assembly.

That week it was Kinderboekenweek. The theme was Oma’s and Opa’s, so all the kids dressed up as their grandparents. In the gym we danced to the themesong: Kinderen voor kinderen. After the assembly, ID2 went back to their class and got to do show and tell about their clothes. I noticed that I had a lot of Indian kids in my class. M-C explained that was because of shell.

Nationalities in my class:

Indian          Polish            Dutch          Spanish          Russian          Ukrainian        Congolese      English and Nepalese

Aaron was Dutch and Nepalese, he had just transferred to KSS and hardly spoke English. M-C was happy I was there, since I speak Dutch. The children have Dutch class twice a week. However, only if their English is well enough. M-C also uses Dutch words in class, she is also engaged to a Dutch pilot.

Miss Marie-Claire tells the kids about different patterns and materials on their clothes, because they are doing an IPC topic on clothes. The children all sit on the carpet and listen carefully.

Classroom management technique noticed: Thank you for sharing

Active spelling:

  • rainbow writing = colors
  • picture + words in it
  • bubble writing = curly writing
  • animal writing= each letter in animal shape

During literacy the children were introduced a new word oa. M-C used a nice line to help them remember: ‘The first one does the talking the second one the walking.’  They had to write this and find words using oa in the dictionary.

Whenever they have PE or Home Country Language, they first have to sit down quietly before they start.

When Hekma and Radin were sitting too close to each other and were chatting so their PE teacher said “I’m not really impressed by your distance.’

Louis got all excited during PE and yelled ‘It’s party time!’

Aaron doesn’t know a lot of words in English, so during playtime he seemed really shy, yet in PE he joined in perfectly and even smiled.

At PE there were swings, four swings and seven kids so they had so share, which they did without any trouble. They could stand up but only if they knew how to properly swing sitting down. They also played lime-ball, two teams and they have to throw a ball over a high line. They see to have no difficulty playing together but the emotions about winning or losing a point are really expressive. They were all really keen on fair-play, but as soon as there was a change they cheated. Phillip got a ball on his head at which Hekma laughed. The teacher looked at Hekma and asked him to apologize. Pooja was struggling to get on the swings, she would walk back, run forward, try to get on but fail. The girls got really upset about only guys being chosen. They seemed to forget about it quicker than I can blink. Hekma would lay down a lot, just flat on the floor.


During Home Country Language the children have a lot more difficulty in speaking, but Miss Vivienne helps them. They have Dutch books, flags, posters, Tulips and many more Dutch things. If they children are unable to articulate in Dutch they want to switch to English quickly, they do understand it though. In every class there is a reading/talking carpet –> positive manipulation. Elena was totally captivated by storytime, sucking her thumb and everything. However, I noticed she also gets easily distracted.

During arts I got my own group and we had to find leaves and nuts for the observatory table. We went outside and I was a little terrified. M-C went round the back of the school, so she was out of my sight. This mend that I had the kids all to myself. WHELP! We were barely three seconds into our outside adventure and they got distracted by a bunny. They chased it down before I could stop them. So I yelled:”One, Two, Three eyes on me!” I had seen M-C do this, so I thought he lets give that a shot. They stopped dead in their tracks and sang back: “One, Two, eyes on you.” I got them under control quickly enough. When a question needed to be answered the teacher might ask “Use your detective powers to detect and investigate.” The children used this during the outside adventure.


After our excursion, it was pretty much time to go home. So the whole chit-chat in the corridor began. Jackets on, Miss he/she stole my scarf, etc. When going home the children have to stand in the same line as when they  start the day. They have to shake M-C’s hand before running off to their drivers, nannies and parents.


My first day was incredibly hectic and busy. I loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!



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