Fourth day at KSS 13-10-2016

Today I will do my first literacy lesson. I had bought a book to show off (Patrushka’s tips) and so I prepared my literacy lesson on ‘the first hippo on the moon’. They had to find synonyms on some of the words from the book.(See bottom of the page). Hekma had a hard time working together and sharing a thesaurus. He has been showing attitude all week. Aaron did great, I didn’t expect him to write so good and need Farzan wasn’t showing great effort though. Feedback was to have them show another example, M-C said I had good Classroom control. I also told them I found working with Thesauruses hard, she liked that I told them that. I was with all the groups, helping where needed.

During math, they used buttons, to make a pattern: they had one designer who made the pattern and the other ones had to guess it, the colors and how many of it. Through this they learned co-operation and counting. After this they had to use consecutive numbers and investigate if they were more than a multiple of three. They already know the tables. HOW??THEY ARE SIX!!

After break they did guided reading. I guided a group. You have to constantly remind them to share and co-operate. I never knew rubbers would cause so much trouble. It was nice to see the different levels of reading among the children. Elena Isabel had a higher level than Klara had.The exercises were a little hard. Answering questions went okay. When they had to spot the difference and write the correct sentence, you could clearly see a difference in writing skills. Some still wrote fairly big and others already a bit smaller. Hekma, Raphael and Aryan had trouble concentrating.

After lunch we did ICT and I just helped. Upstairs in the attic they have an arts and crafts room for the older classes and an ICT room. After ICT we finshed IPC and I taught two kids how to tie a knot!!! Aryan’s grandfather came into class to tell a story about Ramayan, an Indian story.

Fun fact: An international student from the conservatory in the Hague comes in every day to babysit them during lunch. This way we get an entire hour off for our own lunch.

literacy lesson 1


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