Second day at KSS 11-10-2016

After I slept like a rock from all of the new experiences,  was ready for my second day! Because yesterday was quite hectic with Kinderboekenweek, I didn’t get to do my prezi about myself, so that was up first thing this morning. After a small prezi I gave the kids nametags so I could remember their names.


  • Aryan                                                              Hekma                                 Raphael
  • Alexey                                                            Shravja                                 Farzan
  • Vihaan                                                           Kamila                                  Klara
  • Pooja                                                              Phillip                                   Koustubh
  • Elena Isabel                                                 Shreyash                              Isabel
  • Shruti                                                            Radin                                     Louis
  • Hadi                                                               Aaron

They learned the CH and TCH words with an online game –>Discovery education. After literacy they read a book about Opa’s. They were asked what they thought about the opa from the story. M-C asked them to imagine them what she just read. She also build up tension, steep….wooden…. stepssssss. She explains words real quick , if the kids might not understand them.  When tension rose, she got up a song came on and instead of saying it she sang it. The kids did what the grandchildren in the story did, ‘MORE!’ they reflected on what they liked about a story.


day 2 Kss

During Maths, I helped Aaron and Isabel. Aaron seemed to be doing better than yesterday.

After the 10:00 break they did literacy, poems. They looked at ideas and in a video this poet was talking about the ideas being in smell, sigh and M-C asked what those were called –> senses. The poet also talked about oak and M-C asked what material that was, here she was referring to the topic clothes.

Poem made by ID2:

  1. happy family
  2. sometimes have chocolate cake
  3. sharing vanilla bread
  4. being gentle with the new baby
  5. walking in the autumn forest hand in hand with grandma and grandpa
  6. having fun,
  7. playing in the brightest sun
  8. respect for each others -always!

I also helped during poetry, Aaron seemed to have real issues with words, phonics and writing creative.

During arts and crafts they were preparing for their ‘exit point’. They were gonna do some mobile making cards, tie dye and so on. All with very small details. It’s great to practice their fine motor-skills.

After arts it was time for home again. My second day was just as filled as my first. What I really like, is that I get a lot of learning opportunities here, I get to help kids and really teach. I didn’t expect that of my first TP, let alone my first week.



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