Third day at KSS 12-10-2016

Today is Wednesday. Luckily for my permanent sleep deprivation (family=food=late nights) the kids only have a short day until 12:30. M-C was out today, she had been sick the previous days, but she went to the doctors yesterday and he told her to take the day. So I had Miss Judy today. She is middle aged and British. She is very nice and lovely to talk to. I love that I get to see two teachers in their natural habitat.

We started the day with exit point. This is when they close a topic. We did arts and crafts. Parents helped out, which was nice since the kids needed a lot of help. I found it difficult to be at a hundred places at once. There were times when I had four children wanting something. After the exit point they went to music, down in the gym with Mister Tim. After which we finished the arts and craft. Now without the parents, this was even harder, but also fun. Since parents pay fees Judy wanted to show them we had it all under control. Because of this, she was less focused on teaching and more focused on entertaining parents. I also did my energizer. The kids went a little mad during that and I wasn’t sure how to respond since I’m still not sure what the right way is. The clapping and singing for attention really helped getting the focus back to the front of the class.

I talked to Judy about feedback from my energizers, shy said that the idea was great. But that I needed to explain a bit more. I had to be explicit in what the learning objective would be and recap on it. What did you learn,and give me and example.


The children went home early, so I did a ton of school work for the first assessment week and relaxed. I honestly had no energy to go into town or anything.



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