Second day, Second week at KSS 15-11-2016

I will be giving my DC lesson today. I will be teaching them the word Democracy. I will do this through games. The definition of democracy is the rule of the majority. The games will be that I give them three options of the same category, books, games and colors. The choice with most children at it, is the choice they all get.  I have been preparing for this in the morning. I also read with Aaron. He does well with short words such as: has, fish and look. However, with big words such as: Lumps and lines, he has a hard time.

We also talked about the ‘supermoon’ again in the morning. We looked at pictures from all around the world where a supermoon has been seen. They got out their sketching books and drew their versions of supermoons. Some did statues that we saw on the pictures, some drew planes.

They also continued with a story that they started yesterday. M-C interacted with the kids really well, asking the questions about what they wrote.

At 9:40 we went to music and did the boom qicke boom song that we also learned at an Arts and Culture day at Stenden. The kids danced and had to follow Mister Tim’s faces. The children loved it and all made a funny face. They were walking in the circle and everytime Tim clapped they froze. Some froze their face as well and it was so cute. Hadi wasn’t listening and had to sit on a bench. They also sang a Sint song in Dutch. Isabel sat in the middle and sang again. When the song ended Shrevya rang bells and Isabel had to guess who rang it. Isabel guessed Shruti, but that was because she’d made a funny face to Isabel. Aaron sat in the middle and had to guess. Louis had the bells, but so did Mister Tim. Hekma had tattle tales and told Aaron that there were two people with bells, so he had to sit on the bench.

I read with Klara after snack time and asked her questions at the words which I thought might be too hard. Much to my surprise though, she understood all of the words.

I helped  Aaron when we did some writing. I told him yesterday about A-B-C and going down the alphabet to find how to write a word. He used that all by himself today!!!! Major progress. I also told him about pronouncing the words to see howto write it. He seemed to understand this.

After writing we went to whole-school singing, with IDR-ID3. They sang some Sint songs. Mister Tim used thinking voices for two words which made the kids think about what they were singing instead of just saying the words.

We had five minutes to kill so M-C continued with the story they’d started earlier. This calmed them down for lunch time.

After lunch I gave my DC class. They participated really well. I think the examples helped them understand what I was talking about. They found the colors and books really exciting. When playing the game they chose, Simon says, I had a difficult time ending the game. I had planned on the children falling out one by one, but they were too good at the game. Overall the game went well.

They did Maths after that and they talked about pictogram. M-C used my DC class to that explaining them what a pictogram is. M-C asked math questions such as what the difference was between two aspects or total amount of people surveyed. She also asked if the kids could think of a question themselves. She took away the symbols she used in the pictogram and replaced them with five instead of one –> tables. They counted until 60. The kids had to think of a question once again. Hadi lost his attention during math and seemed very interested in his tissue.

After literacy time, where I read them the book they’d chosen during DC, we talked about what Advent mend. M-C asked what it was and if it was okay to celebrate different feasts from different religions. M-C asked if they knew what it was and she asked about burning flames of ideas.

I like that, even though all these twenty children are from different background and celebrate different things, they also get to experience all of the feasts. They get this huge part of interculturalism from the second they enter school. How awesome is that?!


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