Second week at KSS 14-11-2016

It’s my second week!!! Lots has happened. A camera crew from the International Criminal Court came and they did a talk on justice. They had Sint Maarten Celebrations and today we will be celebrating the Diwali festival.

Some kids were really excited that I am back. Others didn’t seem to fully remember me. During circle time they were talking about the ‘super moon’. They watched a video on facts about the moon –> related to science.

Louis:”I have been studying volcano’s.”

I took Radin and Phillip for a reading session.  Radin needed to slow down and articulate better. Phillip sometimes read quicker than that he speaks. We also did maths. The kids measured each other and wrote down their height in cm and m.

At 11:00 we went to a Diwali celebrations, the festival of light. Shruti, Shrevya, Isabel, Pooja and Vihaan did amazing. In the morning, a few parents came in to do the kids make-up and get them dressed. They were all so excited, it was very cute to see. They performed the story, together with the upper classes of ID. They did amazing!!! They danced and each had a character to play.  We (the teachers) got an Indian lunch, made by the parents. Everything was so delicious! We were all stuffed at 13:00.

In Home Country Language we watched an episode of The Sinterklaasjournaal. The kids loved it. And to be honest, so did I. All the nostalgia ! They were all very excited to tell Miss Vivienne what had previously happened. Some of the children watch this at home.

Hekma has been difficult all day. We have been telling him off all the time. During HCL he had to go back to M-C’s class, because he’d been speaking without it being his turn.

After HCL, it was time to get ready for home again. It was a lovely day and apart from Hekma being difficult it was a not so hard day.


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