Third day, Second week at KSS 16-11-2016

During the month I was away I went into the woods one afternoon with my dad. We were walking and I just kept noticing things that the children would be fascinated by. So, I took pictures and decided to make it into a literacy lesson. We would talk about what the pictures had on em and then they will get to make a mind-map on autumn.

So I did that in the morning and I think it went really well. The kids were really engaged and excited. They kept coming up with new words. When I told Isabel she could start drawing, she said “No,  I wanna make new words.” Aryan said the same thing. I told them to use a dictionary when they didn’t know a word.

I found it difficult to spell some words in English, simply because we hadn’t ever used them before.

When ID2 was at music, I joined ID3. It was nice, they were doing an excercise  on how long the smartboard was. I joined one group to help them and it was really interesting to see what they came up with. Some were realistic and used the meter length stick wisely. Whereas others just went out their way and said 3M. There were a couple of kids that didn’t understand the difference between M and CM yet.

It was interested to see the difference in level between ID2 and ID3.


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