Fifth day, Second week at KSS 18-11-2016

Today is the last day of my second week here at KSS. Ms Judy is in again so that should be fun!

I told Shruti to wash her hands, because M-C told the kids all week that each time they coughed they should do it their hands and otherwise they had to wash their hands. Judy got upset because Shruti left her seat. I was trying to give the children some stability in the rules but maybe I shouldn’t have. Learning moment!!

I also checked the kids’s spelling sheets. They had to do their handwriting with CK and Hekma had to sit outside because he was misbehaving. It was nice to walk around and help kids to get the words right.

The children have been coughing like crazy today. Half of them have been sick at least one day of the week. They have stuffed noses, running noses and just a bad flue bug. I’m not feeling too great either nauseous and headaches.

“You children are so  wonderful, you talk about the book before I even told you what to talk about.”

Hadi:” That’s not my dad, that’s my boss.” He told me that when I asked him who would pick him up today. He mend his driver.

During handwriting they did CK words but the K was difficult.

When Judy did literacy I went a head and did painting their diva’s in groups of four. It was nice to see their fine motorskills.

During maths they made a big class pictorgram, but I didn’t see much because I was painting. I also sat outside with Elena to help her finish her bar graph from yesterday. She’s a really bright light! I also got a hug from Elena and Isabel today!! I melted.

This morning I got a small panda from Hekma.  I kept it in my front pocket all day. During lunchtime four girls laughed at Klara when she dropped her lunch. Judy and talked to them and everything was fine. Isabel kept crying the entire afternoon though.

Shruti was one of the girls and she had been particularly unkind today. When painting, she said a couple of bad words like;”OMG and OMgoodness.” During storytime she was very distractive to her classmates and she had to it outside.

In the end we had 30 minutes left and we sat the kids down at the carpet and played a game where they had to give a pen around and count up and down in steps of five. Hadi, Aaron, Louis weren’t capable of doing this.

I’ve had another lovely week. But after today I am glad to go home and get a rest.


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