Fourth day, Second week at KSS 17-11-2016

I am going to give out he No- objection slips for the DC interviews today!

I did some reading with Louis today. It went really well, I mean you have to slow him down and tell him to actually read the words, but other than that he did great.

During maths they got to work with bars, rulers and measuring objects. They found this difficult. Honestly I think it was one step too far. Simply because they needed more guidance than they’d gotten in preparation for the measuring.

After maths I did some reading with Hekma. He is such a clever boy! He reads easily and understands what the words say. We also had an emergency circle time involving Hekma. He had brought a light into class for show and tell.  That light broke into a million pieces and it was because the children were squizing in the hall.

During Dutch we did memory with the children. Every time the children turned over a card, they had to say the Dutch word for it. However, they were very lazy and didn’t do that. I sat with that group and I stopped them evertime to make sure they would say the words. I don’t know what it was though, were they scared to say the wrong word? Did they not know the words? Were they just lazy?

I spend time in the afternoon copying some of the children’s work. This, so that it could go in their portfolio. I also had to tell Hekma off because he was pulling Louis’s hair. To be totally fair Louis has very pullable curls ;p



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