First day, third week at KSS 28-11-2016

It’s my third week at KSS. Suzanne will be coming tomorrow. We’re also gonna do a million things for Sint, starting with shoepresents this afternoon.

During the register Elena started to say ‘ola’ to M-C and everybody said that after her. Elena saw Sint on Saturday at a Chinese restaurant and she went to Fantastic Beasts in the cinema. Louis watched Harry Potter during the weekend. Klara had a communion lesson and a party. Vihaan saw Pieten down at his house. Shruti went shopping and saw Pieten from whom she got pepernoten. She also went to a place with softplay. Farzan went to a zoo and saw Sint. When he said he got schuimpjes, I noticed that his SCH is very Dutch. Pooja went to a restaurant to celebrate a baby’s birthday. Phillip and Alexey had a sleepover and got chocolate letters from Pieten as a surprise at their door. Hekma went to a fundraiser at the ISH. Radin went to a friend’s house on Saturday. Isabel went to her dad’s work for a Sintevent. She also saw a movie and did homework.

We did a literacy lesson on what they did on the weekend. They also did another literacy lesson o a book, the dark. They had to write about what their predictions were on what was in a drawer from the story.

After literacy we went to gym. I helped Vivienne with preparing a crafts thing for Sint.

After gym we did Maths. We did multiplications and divisions. Mind you, ID2 is 6! They had to count all their classmates their fingers and toes 5+5+5+5, etc =8×5=40. We did a number of multiplications together as a class. They also did a small practice run on divisions 20…x…

During Dutch they made a start on their Pieten hats. Louis and Hekma had been at each other’s throat all day.  It was so bad that M-C told them off and forbid them from talking, sitting, changing and playing together. I also talked to Vivienne about how you teach IDR Dutch. She was very clear: singing!

With IPC we made astart on a collage about weddings. M-C had a dentist appointment so Lorraine joined me. This week the playground is being redone, something with the sewage system. So break time is spend at the park in front of school. They are far more active there. Everybody joined to play tag or climb up on things, even the teachers.



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