Second day, third week at KSS 29-11-2016

Messy-Piet came today. AKA M-C and I trashed the place. We put cubes all over the floor, threw over chairs and I hid all of their shoes. I also painted my hand black and made some hand prints on cupboards and tables. The kids loved it. They came in all jumping up and down. All too excited to hang up coats and bagpacks. Miss Hager forgot that Sint was today so we trashed her class in like two seconds. It was hilarious. ¬†Everytime one of the children found one shoe they’d call out that child and be like: “….Look, I found you’re shoe.” After we tidied and calmed the children down we talked about The Dark.

I was reading with Kamila. It’s still so interesting to see that she is able to write like an ID2 level. However, speaking is so much harder. She didn’t understand words such as:’lorry, cheering up’ I was just finishing up with Kamila when Suzanne showed up. The children were asked about the significance about a lightbulb in the story. M-C recorded their answers on a word document. We took quite a long time with literacy. Partly because we were behind schedule since Sint and all. So during literacy they also had singing. They were really active and couldn’t sit still. Which really wasn’t a surprise with all the exciting things happening.

So after singing we did maths for like 10 minutes. During IPC we did maths and literacy, because we never finished that .

After lunch, Suzanne came to observe me and I gave a lesson on poems. The kids had to make an Acrostic. I involved the theme Autumn in it. I was so nervous for Suzanne. However, she was very nice and gave me a lot of great feedback. After my talk with Suzanne, we went to the Dutch room to finish off the Pietenhats. They all really loved making them, so that was awesome to see.


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