Third day, third week at KSS 30-11-2016

Today we went to a museum! We first finished my literacy lesson though. That was very fun, since it was my lesson!!! Koustubh was back today. He had a fall at swimming lesson and passed out. So he’d stayed home yesterday. Because of this he had to  start his Acrostic. It was very fun to see all of their sentences and the way they thought about autumn.

After  literacy they got out their snack and we got them ready to go to the museum.

I got a group of seven children to watch over during our public transport ride to the museum.

  1. Hadi
  2. Hekma
  3. Phillip
  4. Koustubh
  5. Shravya
  6. Shruti
  7. Alexey

I found it pretty hard to keep them all in check. We had to walk from the school to the bus stop. They would run and jump, but on the sidewalk the tiles weren’t straight, so I was terrified they would fall. On the bus everything was fine. They were sitting properly and laughing. We passed the ICC and some parents work there, so it was nice for them to see. When we stepped off the bus we still had to get to the musuem. I was so scared that they would stop in the middle of the road and get hit by a car or something.

When we got to the museum the lady didn’t seem to know that the kids didn’t speak Dutch so she had to change her tour a little. We went to a museum about the old Scheveningen Fishermen. It was very interesting. The lady there talked about the clothes they wore and how they lived. This was great since the kids had done a topic on clothes. All the children got to dress up as fishermen and fisherwomen, I took lovey pictures! We also went into a small replica of an old boat. When I asked the kids what they thought was most fun, they all said: “THE BOAT!”

While walking back we had to take a different stop. This took a while and Phillip complained about the long walk. At first we had the bus all to ourselves, which was good, so that way all the kids got to sit. Elena told me both of her parents work at the ICC, her mom as a judge and her dad as a police- officer. We also passed a firestation. Just as the bus wanted to pass it, a lot of police on motorcycle came out and blocked the road. After which a bunch of black tinted window cars came out. This was a lovely thing for the children, they all loved all the action!

I had a blast!


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