First day, final week at KSS

I wore a marvel t-shirt today. They loved it!! Hekma said that it was his favorite movie and Farzan said superman was his favorite. We’re going ice-skating during gym time.  M-C is a little later today because she had another dentist appointment. So miss Judy is here to help until she gets back. Hekma is already send out of the classroom, he’s being awfully rude and acting silly. Judy asked the children to go sit facing the christmastree and describe what they see. She recorded everything on the smart-board. When you squint, what do you see? LIGHT!! So we’ll do a poetry lesson on Christmas lights this morning. Some children saw flowers and toadstools, a real imagination!  ‘What kinds of lights do we find?’ Alexey: halloween, Koustubh: light in our class, Raphael: Torches and flashlights. Lights are a part of celebrations. We read examples of poems that have to do with Christmas. One of the poems used the word baubles and Farzan wanted to know what it meant. Vihaan wanted to know what tinsel meant. I said with Louis, Aaron and Hadi to write their ideas on A3 paper.

After literacy we went on to maths. We used the kids and they had to divide themselves. We made them divide themselves in groups of 3,4,5,2 and 9. During this exercise M-C came in and took some children to rehearse for a Christmas play. This caused some disruption.

After break I practiced the Christmasplay with Elena, Hekma, Louis and Vihaan. They’re gonna do a play on santa being kidnapped. When we got back they were finishing of maths.

After maths we took them ‘ice’ skating. It wasn’t real ice but still. Isabel had some trouble with her gloves, they were too big.  She started crying over it. Ice skating was hilarious. The kids didn’t know how to and since it wasn’t real ice, it was more sliding than skating. I took many pictures and had a huge grin on my face the entire time.

After lunch we went up to the Dutch room where they did a worksheet on Christmas. After this they finished their Mardi Gras masks. I also did some reading with Koustubh. He was very exited about the book.

While the kids were finishing off, I took the play kids to the handicrafts room and together with ID3 we practiced the play. When we got back, the children were singing a song for the Christmas celebration.


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