Fourth day, third week at KSS

This morning I helped Vivienne set up the chocolatemilk and orangejuice with gingerbread for Monday. I brought some to my class, ID6 and ID4. Before that I helped Syste set up the Pietengym with Micheala and Ilja. It was very, very fun!!

During IPC we made skipping ropes for Sint. The children had to cut them out of cartboard and design them. They used paper as a string. Isabel decorated her paper with blue wool. Some used material and some paint. They also made drawings with ecoline and crayons.

After snack they talked about the book: The Dark again. M-C asked them questions on it and  recorded their answers on the board. M-C and I helped out during gym. We had to climb up to the top of the rack and throw presents down into a basket, climb up gt to a stand-on thingy, climb to a bench and slide down. We had also set up a big mat and over it we tied ropes together. They loved that, I would push it pretend that the Stoomboat had a big storm. Farzan kept asking if I could put the storm back on. Hadi said he hated it, but he secretly loved it. Everytime he’d get on, he’d tell me to show my hands and not push. When I did he would scream:” I saw you push!” and cry out in laughter. They also had to reach for a robe to get off and I made sure they could reach it and not fall on their faces. Honestly just the looks on their faces was the best. Koushtub had a fear of heights, so he found practically everything scary. I just helped him and told him he could do it and kept encouraging him. M-C was quit harsh on him, telling him to hurry up and such. Elena kept yelling out to aboard ship!!

After lunch I helped IDR. Syste needed all the hands he could get, so I lend him mine. I helped out at the ship again. I pushed it a little, not too hard. Many were afraid of the heigh getting from ship to the ground. So carried many children. There was one child who found it very scary. I had to hold his hand all the way through and he refused to get of on his own.

During IPC we finished off the ropes and after school we hung them in the Dutch room. I helped Vivienne set up everything for Monday.

There is no day five of the third week because I forgot to write thing down. #teacherlife


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