Second day, final week at KSS 13-12-2016

I started the morning off, planning my lessons with M-C. We started class with reading the dark. I did some reading with Louis, this took some time but he did great. I also helped to set up the chromebooks for the kids to type up their ‘Dark’ poems. When we came back to class the class was working on poems outside. Aaron, Louis and Elena still had to do a piece of writing so I helped them out. They used the pieces of writing to make a class poem on what children who were afraid of the dark might say. After they finished this, we went to singing and practiced for the Christmas concert.

After snack we worked on the Christmas poems we started yesterday. After the poems we had music, here we practiced the Christmas concert again. After lunch we went to the gym for a practice round with ID1 and ID3. The kids were exhausted when we were done. It took so much effort for them. When we were finally finished I went up to the HCL and we did a worksheet on Christmas. After school, I helped M-C with setting up for the concert. Getting down some stuff from the attick and such.


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