Final day, final week at KSS 16-12-2016

I started with the maths assessment, I think Aaron did better than the first time. He seemed to understand a lot more. It was very difficult not to take him by the hand step by step, but it was still okay. We stopped in the middle, to give the kids a little break.

We started on the Christmasconcert handouts decorations. I noticed they acted weird about it. We worked through snacktime so only M-C went on duty ’cause I hadn’t eaten anything yet.

After snack we worked on the drawings a bit longer. At 11:00 we went up to the Dutch room for a rehearsal of the Christmas concert, IDR, ID1, ID3 and the Drama group joined later. It was fun for them to practice with more classes. Added bonus, my children knew their parts by hard!

Before we went up to Dutch, we had a skype call with M-C’s brother-in-law, who works as a teacher in Scotland. The connection failed a lot so we recorded messages for each other. We talked about Christmas and we in NL celebrate it. I think the confused it with Sint though.

After lunch we finished the maths assessment. We also finished our drawings. Vihaan was looking at me, so I asked if something was wrong and he covered up his entire paper and said NO  nothing. He said he was making something for M-C. I was walking around and helping kids everywhere. Which was fun, seeing them come up to me and go ‘look, look what I made!’ But everytime someone would go: “sssst, sssst!” They were making me a goodbye present.I sat outside making gnome hats and attaching beards to them and I’ll hear “Yes, she’s gone” Too cute!

So we did circle time and they asked me to close my eyes and when I opened them they handed me presents. All the kids made drawings and stuff. M-C got me a lovely present as well. The kids all told me their favorite memory and I gave them my fruitsticks. Saying goodbye was bittersweet. But I’ve learned tons and I’ve had great fun at KSS.


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