Fourth day, final week at KSS 15-12-2016

I did my final literacy lesson today! It went perfect. The kids loved the story and then making the question went great! Marie-Claire even left the class to go and practice with a bunch of them after snack-time, so I did the conclusion all by myself!!! The story was about how the grinch stole Christmas. I and they had to answer questions relating to story. I recorded what they said in my document so that I can put it in my Portfolio. I even got the children ready for gym on my own. Major teaching!!!!!!!!! I put the timer on (M-C does that) and everything. I commented in their books when they were at gym while M-C helped in ID1.

After that I went down to watch them at gym. This was so sweet. They were playing anyone is it, no one is it. They were all running around like crazy people. Farzan was sweating like a pig and Koustubh looked as if he was having a heart attack. Farzan had an attitude because he didn’t win the game.

I helped out as duty during lunchtime. ID3 wasn’t suppose to be back untill 14:00 and somehow their trip was over earlier. Because of this they didn’t have a lunchtime supervisor.

Hekma cried a lot today. First because he didn’t get a turn to be keeper and then Farzan cried because he felt guilty for not giving Hekma a turn. Later he cried because a child from ID3 told Hekma he hated him. He literally cried buckets. When it was time to go back in Farzan had a bad attitude AGAIN! He found it unfair that ID3 wouldn’t play the ball to them (or something) Ilja had already talked to him but he wouldn’t get over himself. So I talked to him but it didn’t help at all. M-C told his mother about it.

I spend most of the afternoon cutting decorations and costumes for the Christmas concert and Helped to finish maths.


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