Math minor: Day 5, week 1 at ISH

My last day here at ISH for a while. This morning was the morning of the dance recital. They came in with their costumes and were a tad bit nervous. Nevertheless, they did amazing!!! For the first time they were able to stand in the correct line. For the first time, they all smiled and had good and strong movements. Fabian’s parents and his sister came. She is like 8 months. He was so cute with her, holding her, hugging, kissing and making funny faces. It was so weird to see him in that situations, we’re always telling him off, but here he was, being the best big brother a girl good have.

After the dance, the parents came into class to look at all the art work. Emile’s parents didn’t come. They did see the recital but couldn’t make it into class. I asked him about it, he said he was fine and didn’t care. However, you could see he wasn’t okay though.

But it was so nice to see all the kids when they’re around their parents, so different then when they’re in class.

During L.A. I just wanted to strangle the kids. Noah wouldn’t listen, barely wrote two sentences and was distracted by even the slightest thing. Evie just couldn’t focus, she asked qustions but didn’t really make any progress with her speech. Felix keeps forgetting whether of is with 2 or 1 f. Then ,when I walked them to PE they behaved as if they were 5!

After lunch we’re doing a spelling test. They get their books, which were still brand new. They’re doing ology= study of something. Noah and Molly hadn’t practiced so only got 13 and 11 correct, out of  20. Sometimes they were so busy talking, they didn’t even hear the word.

So, there was ab bit of teen drama. Molly, Daisy and Medea wanted to be a trio during IPC. So, Daisy started adding them to a google slide document. Christina then came by asking if someone wanted to do IPC with her. Four isn’t allowed, so sine Daisy already added Molly, Medea had to go to Christina, but she didn’t want to. So like a proper teenager, she brought up all sorts of stuff and played the ‘ I’m so sad card’. Daisy however, wouldn’t fall for it and eventually Medea gave up.

Afterwards I said goodbye to 6D. They were all so super excited that I was coming back. I had a lovely time this week and learned so much!!

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16-11-2017 Math Minor: Day 4, Week 1 at ISH

We started the day with all year 6 classes doing their dance in the theater. I filmed them and just helped them with positioning. It was nice and quiet, just sitting and watching.  We finished this at break.

After break, we did math. We started with driving test. This is a program where the kids get 12 mental math questions about figures, tables, fractions, money and plus and minus. Mats had a problem with his ipad. He got so pissed off about it. But at the dance recital something happened. Zain had gotten his hand stuck in the car and needed to ice it, thus couldn’t dance. So, he sat and watched. Afterwards, he wanted to give Mats some advice, but he wasn’t having that, so they had an almost-fight. He was still pissed off about this, so the slightest thing set him off.

Driving test questions:

463+…..=500, David says first go to 470 and then go to 500, so use a jumping strategy

They also had a question about pounds and David kept saying euro. I asked him about it later and he said that since a 100 pence is the same as a 100 euro cents, he tells the kids to see it as euro’s.

Equivalent to 0.25 and Mats and Medea said 25/100. So, David made a number line to show 0-1 and 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75 and then show that 0.5 could be represented as 1/2 . 25:25= 1 and 100:25=4 so 25/100 could also be 1/4.

After driving test they went onto problem solving. I helped  gtfor a bit, because he didn’t fully know how to get started. Christiaan and his friend didn’t know how to do 4x-2. So, I helped them by explaining how to do 4×2 first. Defne didn’t know how to get started. They then did the Math congress, I told David about it and he implemented it!!

Christiaan and his Friend did the first math congress. They started with the difference between coral reef and the shipwreck. 4x-2=-8 which was the pirate treasure. Then David asked if Millie agreed or disagreed and why. The shark was 3M above the shipwreck so -11+3=_8.

The second problem they did alone or in pairs.problem solving question 2

I helped Defne who didn’t know how to get started. He started going into the negative numbers, but did it incorrect and he knew that he number he ended up at was wrong, but how? What he did was that he went from 1 to 0 and then -10 instead of -1. So, I made a thermometer with him to show him. Now I keep forgetting that they use the decimal dot in the middle here, like in the picture above.

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After break we finished the IPC unit on art there were some kids that still had to finish their reflection on cubism but most only needed to finish their Imovie. This wasn’t a real requirement for the unit but since parents are coming in tomorrow it is very nice to show to them. However, this finishing hasn’t gone as planned. Daniel barely had 1/3 of his movie finished and Noah basically needed to start. To make matters worst all of their Ipads also started updating 15 minutes before the end. But it was nice to just run around a 100 places at once and help out, give feedback and so on.



15-11-2017 Math minor: Day 3, week 1 at ISH

So, There’s a cover teacher in today, miss Silva Mimos. Since this isn’t a class she has had before, I am helping her with everything.

We’re starting the day with L.A. They’re doing readworks. Here they have to read an article and answer questions, so basically reading comprehension. Their text is about the rainforest. The have been doing some work on this so it’s nice this relates to that topic.  Each paragraph is read by a different student and after each paragraph they talk about words they don’t know like: humid, nutrients, crevices, dense, etc.

During the individual question time Noah was all over the place. It felt like his brain was in overdrive. He couldn’t and wouldn’t concentrate. He kept getting up and talking to everyone. The girl gang was also huddled together like a pack.

But then the nice part came, Miss Mimos asked if I wanted to do the Maths lesson!!! I was at the lesson planning that David did with Silva but this was totally something else!

So when the kids had Dutch, I talked through the lesson with Miss Mimos about what she had planned and about some questions that I had. So after that I just made a small lesson plan.

lesson plan math

It went very well, the kids participated very well and had fun. They loved that they got to make strips themselves. They made halves, quarters, eights and sixteenths. When they’d folded this, I told them to find the decimal notation for this.  After we watched the movie about adding fractions I talked to them about the lowest common multiple and how to find this so they knew how to do this during the activities. Fabian and his friends came to me within 3 minutes saying they were done, which they weren’t. They had wrong answers to all of the sums. So, I explained the activity ones more to them and helped some other kids. We then did the plenary session and in that we found the answers to the sums.

She also gave me some feedback:

refer to the strips more, good introduction, don’t only explain fractions but also the concept of what a fraction is, go back to the lowest common denominator to explain why the bigger number would be the lcd by showing decimals.


14-11-2017 Math minor: Day 2, week 1 at ISH

So we started out with math. For this they go into different classrooms based on level. There are five different classes, one lower, three middle and one higher level class. Mr. Padden doesn’t really like this way.

They do negative numbers:” Give me another way to say negative two = minus two. Give examples of where we use negative numbers.” All kids stand up and make a circle. they start at 25 and each kids had to subract six from the this. Hereby, you end at a negative number. They find it quit hard ones we get into -20’s.


Rule: -6

Padden starts with -72. -72-4. A girls says the incorrect answer and he uses a number line to explain to her. -56+5, each kid gets a different ‘rule’ . Some kids find it very hard to be put on the in this way. They sometimes forget to say “negative”. I noticed he uses a different rule for each kid and at one point even uses 1.5.

They go on to do investigations with calculators. How to get to a negative number. Yintha has to explain this to the entire class ones she’s found the answer. “First you press a number like 2. And then press the button under the on/ce. Press -2. So they get -4. However, some didn’t listen properly or have slightly different calculator and thus not get this.

I looked at notebooks from Today’s lesson. They all got the sums like -5+9=4, -5+-9 etc. However, none of them got that -5–9=4 and only 1 child came up to us to ask why two negatives make a postive

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After break we went on to L.A. Here we watched a speech by a 13yo speaking for the UN at a climate convention. We analysed what kinds of techniques she uses. I worked with Noah, Molly and Evie. They just need to get started. I helped Evie a lot.  She hadn’t structured her paragraphs. This caused her to be lost. So, I just helped her make a structure and find some starters for sentences. Daniel’s introduction needed polishing, so he changed it and then come to me to ask if it was correct. Also, Nicolas wanted me to read his speech when he’d finished it. Belin and Jacintha worked really well and wrote really good. Also, I was really impressed with how Molly was able to use the techniques we’d identified in her introduction.

After lunch they had PE, they did volleyball and in the end we filmed the dance so that we could see what needs a bit of work. After, this we did library, Where I found some Math books, which even David didn’t know about. The funny thing is that in the math curriculum they use, they use pounds as a currency, where as in the math books from the library they use $.

After the L.A this morning, I also looked at Noelle her class’s math books. They were working on fractions. Now we found some interesting ways on how they calculated.

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13-11-2017 Math Minor: Day 1, week 1 at ISH

Today is day one of my internship at the ISH( International school of the Hague). We arreived a bit later around 10:00, because of the trains and public transport. When we finally made it, David Padden (Math coordinator) said I was in his class, 6D and Noelle is in Ms Chaval’s class. So, we came in and this is school AMAZING. It’s like an oasis for learning, they also use the IPC which is an added bonus. Just to give you an impression, each teacher has a macbook air and kids from year 5 and 6 have their own Ipad.


I came in and they were working on writing a persuasive speech. I got basically thrown in the deep with David saying ” Alright sit at this table and help.”  I literally had no clue what to do, but the kids had to come up with a key word to describe each paragraph. I helped Nicolas, he had a bit of difficulty designing a statement but we kinda got a structure going and I am proud to say, he is now able to begin drafting his speech.


I also helped Noah, who (I think) is Dutch, he just needed help structuring too after L.A, David said all of them find it hard to structure. Then I helped Jacintha, who knows how to do this!!!!! She got the structure and had key words. I just wanted her to articulate it so I could see that she knew what she was doing.

Then I went on to help Daniel, now this is where it gets interesting. When I was helping everyone else, he was writing and writing but when I got to him it turned out that he didn’t get the structure and had no key words to describe each paragraph. Now he did get the idea of writing a speech, but he didn’t understand the features of one.

After L.A (language arts), the kids went to music and David gave me a tour of the school. I am now even more impressed.

So what is different is that at KSS when the kids went to music or dutch, the teacher also had to go and help into another class, here they don’t have to do that. They can just answer E-Mail or small meetings.

After break we were suppose to do PSHE but we went on to practice the dance for the recital on Friday. They’re dancing on Hey Mama by Jonas Blue and the kids designed it themselves.

I stayed in 6D, when they had Dutch, I was in level 2. They have 5 levels, 5 being the best. The teacher was Siebe ten Have. He asked each kid how they were doing and then asked them to ask a classmate. They then watched Max and Mia radioshow.

Then the day was over and we sat down with both  our mentors just to get on the same page on what we needed and what they needed.