Math minor: Last day at ISH 12-1-2018

First up is Math in Noelle’s class. The math lesson went pretty well. The adaptions we made really helped the kids and we got pretty great results. The math congress was a disaster but that wasn’t a total suprise. I mean what do you expect when the kids hadn’t done anything like this before. I sat at the back of the class during it and saw a lot of kids whispered like “Oh that’s what we could’ve done or look they divided it like that.” So they did learn form it even though it may not be ‘as we would’ve hoped they did. It was very interesting to see how none of them knew their fractions. They all struggled but with the help of Noelle and me, they got it.

During the mini movie I worked with Noah’s group. Medea is sick today which you know, I don’t mind. Noah is being a show off and not listening so I’m being strict on him. I was in charge of being upstairs with the kids. There was a delegation having an important meeting there so they had to be quiet and behave. We filmed in the primary principal’s office, so there had to be an adult present. I got very angry at Seldjan for laughing all the time. At the end of the day everything got done and I secretly loved how they all tried to push the boundaries.

I am very very sad to leave ISH but I am also glad to get back to uni and finish the Math Minor!!


Math minor: Day 3, week 2 at ISH

During the video making I worked with Arid’s group a lot. We had to go outside to wash cars for their video. They weren’t listening outside at all. Running, shouting and ignoring me, I swear during this movie making it’s like talking to a wall. Luckily all the running around is now done and they are making props, FBI batches. Noah’s group has changed their entire plan. Instead of bullying they are now doing child abuse. Daisy brought in lipgloss and made bruises, as if he had been abused. It looked so real!! In Parveen’s class the Ipad cabinet smells as if something is burning inside. An ICT guy looked at it but said that we should keep an eye on it. During the Maths lesson, I finished my congress. It’s hard to do this since they haven’t done anything like this before. However, under the circumstances it all went fine. Then I went to Noelle’s class to help out there. It was fun to see how our adaptions effected the kids their work. Most now divided their posters into eight pieces, whereas in my class they didn’t do that. Most also worked with perimeter. Some calculated the entire perimeter, others only halve. Some kids worked with percentages. One group measured one straight line and calculated down from that. It wasn’t the easiest way, but hey it worked for them. The weird thing was that none of them used a calculator. Some did use their Ipad to take pictures but none the calculator.

The afternoon was spend working on the movies again. It’s all coming together now so that’s fun. I still have to help with camera angles here and there but all is going fine. Then Felix asked me to help him take his make-up off and I had to almost scrub his skin cells off. I couldn’t get it off his arm though.



Math Minor: Day 2, Week 2 at ISH

This morning we’re doing mostly the children’s rights movie making again. The kids came in and Molly went: ” Do you know what I’ve always wanted to do with you?” So I went:”Do I want to know?” She giglled and said yes. So Molly walked over and ran her fingers through my hair. “Its’s so poofy!” At the moment I had no idea what to say or what to do. I was completely astonished. Luckily David walked in and said: ” Molly, you know that Ms Kira is indeed an actual person right?” The whole situation ended with a a joke but it was very weird. As a student teacher my boundaries are always a bit more streched then when I am actually teaching. Adding to that,I know she wasn’t being rude or anything, she just admires me or something. When we worked on the movies we just walked around and helped our where needed. Then the kids went to Dutch. Afterwards I we worked on the movies again. I went with Medea’s group outside. Let me tell you that girl is a hormonal puberty nightmare. She needed to dominate the entire movie. In the end it took too long to film everything and she just couldn’t keep the camera steady, so I interfered to get it all done. All her group members (mostly the boys) were done with all the filming and wanted to stop. Then I had my second day of the big problem. Here is where we actually ran into a problem. Noelle had forgotten the scrappapers at home. So. I did an emergency recapping on the playground shape with the kids, where they drew one on the whiteboard and we edited it as a class. We finished the first math congress and tomorrow I will finish the other two. Even though it didn’t go as I had initially envisioned it, I still got the results I had hoped for.


Math minor: Day 1, Week 2 at ISH

Today I am doing the big problem!!! Noelle and I both have to do one and I am starting. I was really nervous but everything went okay. I didn’t have any nerves in the morning, but when the children changed classes for maths, the nerves hit me like a ton of bricks. It felt as if my tongue had doubled in size and I couldn’t breath properly. However, ones I got into it everything was absolutely fine.

Big problem day 1

  activate prior knowledge, be sure problem is understood, establish expectations
Lesson I:
Prior knowledge is established by playing a game:

  • Before we go outside the expectations of being outside are established.
  • Chalk is used outside on the playground to write fractions with their combined percentages. (eg. ⅓ connected to 0.333)
  • If the weather is horrible we will use A4 sheets with fractions and percentages and put this inside of the class.
  • Children will be put in pairs and as a pair they find the combining fraction and percentage which is given by one of the teachers.
  • After this introduction game we will explain the task (either in or outside) by the use of an A3 picture of the moodboard from the teacher lounge. We will ask the students to design their own playground with the following restrictions

there needs to be a sandpit

storage room of which contains ⅛

and place for running at least 35%

  • Children get their Ipads and white boards out of the box and get 10 minutes to investigate the area of the playground. After this we go inside and the children are expected to draw their own interpretation of the playground on an A3 paper.
  • lain the task. They have to design a poster in a pair or a group of four. They can use whatever they want.
  • Requirements poster:  
  • 35% of the playground has to be left for running,
  • ⅛ for the storage room
  • 1/12 for the sandpit.  
  • They then have ten minutes to be outside to: take pictures, draw and just see the playground.
  • we go back inside here we explain the expectations for working inside:
  • first paper and pen calculations
  • make a plain to design of poster on scrap paper
  • have a teacher check before starting poster
  • stay in your pair/group.
  • We recap on the task and the requirements for it.
Support (scaffolding):

· questions to ask

· interventions during coaching the pupils

They start their posters. We just walk around and help where needed. We don’t do interferences, we let them struggle and figure it out.

After the big problem we did language arts. This week the children will be making a mini movie about an article of the children’s rights. They are entering this mini movie into a nation wide Unicef competition. I helped the group of Ilse, Mees, Nicolas, Lilla and Evie for a bit because they were  struglling. They had a beginning and the scene how it would end but everything in between wasn’t really sorted. I gave them some steering and ideas. Then I went over to Medea, Noah, Felix, Blenn,  Valeiria and Daisy. They just kept coming up with ideas and weren’t writing anything down. I also went outside with Jacintha, Anshuman, Christina and Molly to film bits. Molly keeps complementing me on my outfit and accessories, which is really nice. During the afternoon, I went outside with first Jacintha’s group to film and later with Arid’s group. It’s good to have someone there to help them keep cameras steady and keep a good eye out for when things are going wrong. Lastly the children had mother tongue. We went into Mister C’s class since the Dutch mother tongue is there.



Math minor: Day 5, week 1 at ISH

My last day here at ISH for a while. This morning was the morning of the dance recital. They came in with their costumes and were a tad bit nervous. Nevertheless, they did amazing!!! For the first time they were able to stand in the correct line. For the first time, they all smiled and had good and strong movements. Fabian’s parents and his sister came. She is like 8 months. He was so cute with her, holding her, hugging, kissing and making funny faces. It was so weird to see him in that situations, we’re always telling him off, but here he was, being the best big brother a girl good have.

After the dance, the parents came into class to look at all the art work. Emile’s parents didn’t come. They did see the recital but couldn’t make it into class. I asked him about it, he said he was fine and didn’t care. However, you could see he wasn’t okay though.

But it was so nice to see all the kids when they’re around their parents, so different then when they’re in class.

During L.A. I just wanted to strangle the kids. Noah wouldn’t listen, barely wrote two sentences and was distracted by even the slightest thing. Evie just couldn’t focus, she asked qustions but didn’t really make any progress with her speech. Felix keeps forgetting whether of is with 2 or 1 f. Then ,when I walked them to PE they behaved as if they were 5!

After lunch we’re doing a spelling test. They get their books, which were still brand new. They’re doing ology= study of something. Noah and Molly hadn’t practiced so only got 13 and 11 correct, out of  20. Sometimes they were so busy talking, they didn’t even hear the word.

So, there was ab bit of teen drama. Molly, Daisy and Medea wanted to be a trio during IPC. So, Daisy started adding them to a google slide document. Christina then came by asking if someone wanted to do IPC with her. Four isn’t allowed, so sine Daisy already added Molly, Medea had to go to Christina, but she didn’t want to. So like a proper teenager, she brought up all sorts of stuff and played the ‘ I’m so sad card’. Daisy however, wouldn’t fall for it and eventually Medea gave up.

Afterwards I said goodbye to 6D. They were all so super excited that I was coming back. I had a lovely time this week and learned so much!!